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Travel Pillow by MLVOC

travel pillow case with ear plugs

If you are getting ready for a long trip and searching for ways to make it more comfortable, have a look at the MLVOC Travel Pillow. With thousands of travelers reviews from all around the world, it proudly holding the #1 Bestseller title and 4,5 average rating.

Pillow has an ergonomic design and supporting points around, it not only looks pleasant it really is. Great grip on the shoulders that allow it to stay put during your naps. The flat side is comfortable and supports the head when slightly tilting on one side.

This travel pillow made out of nice heavy foam, so it won’t squish down flat like a lot of pillows do. The design allows the head to rest left, right, and back without neck pain or strain. If to compare it to inflatable pillows on the market, the MLVOC Travel Pillow comes across as a bit bigger in size, but it can be count only to its advantage because substantial thick foam gives not only comfort but great support too.

As a fresh item, the pillow has a bit of factory new smell, however, thanks to a very convenient, removable, and washable pillowcase, it's not a big deal after all.

Besides that it's awesome neck support, it can be used as a regular compact pillow in places where imagination only is the limit.

MVLOC comes together with a carrying bag, simple, but way better quality than regular complimentary, eye mask and standard earplugs in a hard case.

It's a great travel accessory that every person on Go would love to have and appreciate its quality/price fit.

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