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Travel Backpack by Thule

Travel Accessory, Backpack by Thule

"Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion".

- Leigh Hunt -

Once upon a time on the streets of Stockholm, Mr.Willy was walking having fun on his own,

Thoughts were bright like his smile and sky blue as his eyes, Mr. Willy was Happy without any disguise.

Time wasn't his friend, it was flying so fast, while he was wishing for it just to stop and to rust,

The glorious city of Scandinavian charm seduced our hero and left him disarm.

Flag of Sweden

When energy spiking and mood getting high, we often remember who close to us and why,

In so many travels Mr. Willy had a friend, Sweden his country, his Motherland,

Nordic character, Scandinavian kind, tough as a rock but with a beautiful mind,

He always was there to cover his back, one and only Thule backpack.

Stockholm street

Where to start, where to begin, Thule has more qualities than light in the beam,

However, I'll try to name it a few, out of respect to people who is here read a review,

It nicely designed from durable 420 nylon with a smart water-resistant finish right on,

Pockets, compartments, great storage space, helps organize your belongings and keep them in place.

Nordic fish, Salmon

By choosing a Thule 27 litter bag, you'll have two ways access for the laptop to drag,

Exterior side pocket works very well in organizing small accessories, who could've spell.

But real comfort comes when you'll try to have a Thule backpack with you on a ride,

Straps very gentle and back panel too, it's padded so nicely for your posture not to be a screw.

Stockholm highlights

Travel accessory is not just a thing, it's a companion, a friend who is not letting you sink,

For every adventure, you'll take in your life, make sure to have one, right by your side.

If You want Swedish style, if you want life to enjoy fully,

Mr. Willy will say “click the link and get yourself backpack by Thule”.

Have a Great Adventure!


Travel Opener


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