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Top 5 Selfie Sticks to Choose From

A glorious world I discovered myself, looked for great places since I was twelve,

People, landscapes, modern architecture, parks, museums, art with texture.

Every moment should have a record, every place must be on shot

I am ready for some effort to pull the phone and make it hot.

Please wait for me to do it right, the thumb is going down, index finger squeezing tight,

the middle one is flipping, no surprise, but ring engaging pinky very sore to eyes.

After making a pretzel from my own hand, time to take a selfie, with the unknown band,

But a true dilemma raised upon my head, how to click a button when I have no fingers left.

There are many different situations when you wish for extra some,

One additional thumb finger or maybe even longer arm,

Free yourself from old dilemmas, use invention people build,

Selfie stick deserves novellas since it makes your pictures thrilled.

- Denys Pushkarov -


Travel accessory such as selfie stick it's a must-have item in your bag and Bluehorn made maximum effort to deliver a great product. The foldable stick has a functional and light design which can be extended up to 40 inches ( 1 meter ), it is equipped with a removable shutter button that has a 33 ft (10 meters ) range of wireless connection for a good opportunity to create distance photo where the limit is only your imagination. To get more information about the Bluehorn selfie stick, please click here.


Be ready to record every moment of your travel with the help of a Kusky selfie stick. Folded size of 7,9 inches ( 20 cm ) easily will fit in a bag and will not add any significant load since it has only 5,47 oz. ( 155 g ) of weight. Kusky will be your true companion in every activity throughout the day, either you going for a hike or meeting friends, selfie stick with removable Bluetooth button and build-in tripod, will make sure you do not miss an opportunity to capture a moment of life in your camera. To explore the Kusky selfie stick, please click here.


The modern world is changing very fast and we are learning to adapt quickly, please meet selfie stick by Elegiant that good not only for a selfie on your travel but also great for YouTube creators, Tik Tok makers, and all social media enthusiast bakers. Thanks to a light ring with 3 different levels of brightness, the cellphone turning into a semi-professional camera for more detailed and sharp images, while the tripod provides the necessary stability. The mobile holder is compatible with most smartphones between 2.4 and 3,7 inches, it has a detachable wireless remote control which you can use up to 10 meters for long-distance photo shooting. To have a better look at the Elegiant selfie stick, please click here.


Another great selfie stick deserved to be on the top list. Hpory will make you fall in love with a first sight and lose your mind with a first touch. Strong build, ergonomic design, convenience, and functionality it's all about Hpory. Adjustable LED with 3 levels of brightness will be a good solution for backlight or night shooting, build-in tripod provides stability, compact size gives comfort in carrying and removable Bluetooth control, is perfect for spontaneous shots. To get more details about the Hpory selfie stick, please click here.


Take everywhere you go, light and easy to use selfie stick by Upxon. Stop thinking about what is good and what is not worst your shot, capture all the moment's life throws at you with a removable Bluetooth shutter, take advantage of a 270-degree adjustable head, 27,17 inches ( 70 cm ) extendable aluminum stick, and strong tripod stand that makes group picture-making so much fun. To explore the Upxon selfie stick, please click here.

Have a Great Adventure!


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