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Top 5 Luggage Straps on Amazon

luggage straps on vintage suitcase


Elastraap Non-Slip travel belt has a high-grade quick-connect TSA ( Travel Security Administration) lock buckles and made out of heavy-duty nylon. The belt firmly grips luggage with its strong elasticated band and non-slip silicone pad. The strap is 2"/5 cm wide and adjustable from 45"/114 cm to 80"/204 cm of its maximum length. Elastraap Non-Slip TSA Travel belts can be used anywhere, for air travel, cruise ships, trains, bus, carry on luggage, cabin luggage/suitcases/spinners/golf bags/musical instrument cases, or baby strollers. It has a big variety of colors to satisfy every taste and need. For more convenience, Travel belts represented with TSA lock equipped and None TSA lock models. Elastraap holding the #1 position in our list for its quality and design which is worth every penny of its price. To explore the product click here.


For many years, Samsonite has continued to leverage its craftsmanship and heritage as an innovator, to create unique solutions for the sophisticated traveler. By identifying trends and interpreting travelers’ needs, Samsonite continues to infuse innovation and new ideas into travel, re-igniting the sophistication and experience of the past. Simple travel accessory such as luggage strap holding in its design and quality years of Samsonite experience, rugged ABS buckle is built to withstand the rigors of baggage handling, it has ultra-strong polypropylene strap adjusted to fit bags up to 72”/182 cm and comes with an exclusive design and color to make luggage easier to identify. To explore the product click here.


Limeloot luggage straps are a perfect combination of unique design and durability.

Colorfully designed straps always gonna stand out from a pile of other bags and make travel a bit easier. Rugged polyester material printed using a sublimation process to keep bright colors from fading. The luggage belt is 2 “/ 5 cm wide and adjustable from 43”/110 cm to 79”/200 cm, allowing it to fit suitcase sizes from 16”/40 cm to 34”/86 cm. Limeloot luggage strap equipped with durable heavy-duty buckle and double-stitched fabric. To explore the product click here.


The luggage strap comes with an additional Add-A-Bag strap and has beautiful prints of artwork on it, to make luggage easy to identify. Both strap and buckles are built to serve many demanding trips.

The strap is made of extra-thick woven polyester has reinforced criss-cross stitching for extra durability and release buckles with tri-glide adjustors are made of heavy-duty impact-resistant plastic to maximize strength. Travel with Art luggage strap meeting all TSA ( Travel Security Administration) standards. To explore the product click here.


Simply designed Xtacer strap comes in a pack of 4.

Suitable for strapping luggage or compressing the volume of luggage, can also be bundled extra sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tents, and other outdoor equipment.

Length is 78”/200 cm with 1”/2,5 cm width, each strap has an adjustable hoop.

Lack of design fully compensated by good quality, durable construction material, and affordable price. To explore the product click here.


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