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Top 5 Luggage Covers to Travel Clean

vintage suitcase, scratchy and needed cover luggage

Either a totally fresh suitcase or the one that has been through a lot of baggage claims would prefer to have some protection or a brand new look on it. Scratch of luggage is unavoidable in long-distance, short distance or business travel, having high-quality cases can prolong every luggage life. Explore our top 5 suitcase covers to find which one suits the best to your travel companion.


Great luggage cover with absolutely unique and screaming double-sided print. High elastic material made out of 20% spandex and 80% polyester gives extra thickness for more resistance and scratch proof.

The top lever and carrying position are designed with openings, which are convenient for towing without affecting the use, and the side opening getting handy for side-carrying. To explore the Nelife luggage cover click here.

2. 7-MI

The luggage protector by 7-Mi has a high level of durability. The material of the cover is strong, thick and at the same time has good stretching qualities, which allow it to fit quickly. The special three-dimensional rivet fabric adds a sense of fashion and design. This is different from the ordinary black traditional suitcase cover, 7-Mi stands out among many others what makes it easier to spot. For more convenience, it has invisible zippers on both sides for different handles and double insurance in the bottom. To Explore the 7-Mi luggage cover click here.


Very useful to protect your luggage from scratch marks, dust, and other surface damages. Travelkin is made of high-quality elastic fiber, which is durable and can be very stretchable to fit different shapes and sizes. Both side openings with invisible zippers for side handles, Bright colors, and eye-catching unique designs of covers, make luggage identifying task simple and effortless. To explore the Travelkin cover click here.


Washable Yekeyi suitcase cover, has bright colors of quality printing, to make it more recognizable in the crowd. Both left and right side have a zipper closure for side handles

The luggage protector is a cost-effective way to protect your luggage from the usual wear and tear that occurs over time. Yekeyi suitcase cover made from high-quality spandex and polyester in 8% to 92% proportion to provide durability and stretching quality. To explore Yekeyi cover click here.


If you don't like to hide the beauty of your suitcase then a clear PVC protector will be just the right choice. Transparent cover made out of high-quality PVC material which is durable and delivering full protection from scratches, dust, or stains during the travel. Sturdy velcro strap providing good closure of the cover in the bottom. Due to none stretch material, for best fit, important to measure luggage and compare it to the offered cover sizes. To explore the Swiky luggage case click here.

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