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Tips and Tricks on Packing a Suitcase

Unorganised luggage, vintage style suitcase with hairdryer in it, old flask, dairy, boots are standing next to the suitcase

Dragging heavily loaded suitcase from doorstep to the taxi, carrying it all around the airport, changing a number of transfers with it, and at the end of the trip you actually realizing that half of the clothes never been used or even touched, if that sounds familiar, please carry on reading.

Some people love packing, some hate it, whatever type of person you are, packing gonna take place in life, one way or another. Packing a suitcase may seem like a straightforward task, but do it wrong, and you can end up losing valuables, paying overweight baggage fees, or cleaning up messy spills. Here are great tips that can be game-changer, it will save space, time, nerves, and bring peace to any travel ahead. Let's get started.

Tip #1 Do not pack at the last moment, otherwise, all followed tips will be useless and everything will go in...and I mean everything, you'll be surprised what can get into luggage at the rush-packing moment, so the best practice of all, before suitcase standing in front of you and asking to feed it, take time, relax, get comfortable, put your thoughts together, think of itinerary, events, places and...

Tip #2 Make a packing list, its always a good practice to have a note of what you are taking, for a couple of reasons, first, it will really speed up the process of gathering all things together, and second, the same list can be handy when its time to travel back, so nothing stays behind.

Tip #3 By using a packing list, bring all the items to one place, separate them by category, and lay everything in front of you, just to have an idea of what goes in and what might stay, usually at this point packing list losing few positions and getting shorter.

Tip #4 Check a hotel for the subject of the hairdryer, iron in the room, laundry services, and leave unnecessary appliances home.

Tip #5 Choose shoes wisely, roll in the head what places you go, what shoe pair can be used on several occasions, and if we are talking about saving space and weight of the luggage, use the heaviest pair en route and pack the rest.

Tip #6 By this moment we have a final packing list and every item in front of us, but it's not packing time yet, it's preparation time!

6.1 None of the space has to go to waste, fill up every inch. The shoe is a great place to have small items in it, such as socks, underwear, swimsuit, handkerchief and so.

6.2 If applicable and you are carrying bras, stack one on top of another, and fill cups with undies or socks.

6.3 Roll over Fold. By rolling clothes a huge amount of space can be saved, there are a ton of rolling techniques and ways of doing it, but the most popular one is called “rolling burrito style”, take a T-shirt and turn out the bottom part, approximately 5 cm wide, then fold a T-shirt in half, put sleeve inside and start to roll down, unfold bottom part on the roll and there you go, nice and compact burrito, what also can be rolled with a few items in it. However, some of the clothes, like bulky sweatshirts or jackets, have to be folded for the sake of maximizing space.

6.4 Shampoo and shower gel transfer in small travel size bottles, worth mentioning, always place a piece of plastic on top, before tightening the cup, just to avoid accidental spillage, or if bottle hustle throwing you off, a great alternative to it can be solid soaps.

Tip #7 Multifunctional items such as buff or sarong its not only good clothes item its also a great way to save a bit of space in luggage.

Tip #8 When all items nicely rolled and prepared, stock them in packing cubes, which really gonna helps you to be more organized. If you’re sharing a suitcase with a partner, different colors of cubes will be a great solution for quickly identifying what is what and do unpacking more enjoyable. Even if packing cubes bringing such aesthetic pleasure, when it's not available any grocery plastic or totem bag will do.

Tip #9 Carrying some belts? Spread it inside by perimeter of luggage or place it around the shirt collar.

Tip #10 Shoe placement is important, best practice to have it on the bottom of the luggage with even distribution of shoes and heavy objects, closer to the wheel section, so luggage not gonna be off-balance in a standing position.

Tip #11 Look for some gaps between packs and fill them with socks or bras, remember to engage every space in your suitcase for the best result.

Tip #12 Depends on the situation, if you are confident about the weight of the suitcase, place a bulky jacket or sweatshirt in the bottom, but if there is a risk of having overweight, keep them on top, so it can be easily pulled out if needed and wear it on.

Tip #13 For the time of travel, go digital, leave all hardcover books or magazines at home, even if it's hard sometimes to resist the smell of the book, rustle sound of turning page, lighter luggage will make it up.

Tip # 14 Label check-in luggage with the name, email address, and cell phone number, in case of unfortunate event of losing suitcase, the airline can contact you. The address of the hotel where you’ll be staying is also worth including, but very important, for security reasons, NOT to include a home address.

Tip #15 DON'T keep any documents or valuables inside the check-in luggage. Pack jewelry in a pillbox, and have it with you along the way in a carry-on bag. Electronics, chargers, headphones also keep it close and DON'T check-in.

Tip # 16 Great jog on packing, only one thing left, as a cherry on top of the cake, place a tag on suitcase, it really will help identify your precious luggage faster on the carousel.

P.S. One T-shirt, one piece of underwear, pair of socks, always have in a carry-on bag and we, on other hand, wish you never ever use them.

Have a Great Journey!


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