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Swiss Pocket Knife by VICTORINOX

victorinox swiss army pocket knife

"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure."

- Paulo Coelho -

Let me tell you a story of a great inventor, who lived in a village, far from the center,

Karl Elsener was a regular guy, he hopped for the best and dreamed very high,

He loved Switzerland, had a passion for steel, Karl pulled all his effort for iron to feel.

After he crossed a number of rivers, young craftsman came back to the village of dreamers.

swiss red band

The wheel of the factory starts moving so fast, manufacturing knives that resistant to rust,

The company grew with tremendous success, Swiss quality targets the world to impress.

Officers, surgeons, professional cooks, everyone chasing those blades for the roots.

Victorinox name was given as will, in honor of Karl's mother and love for the steel.

red ribbon swiss style

Reputation was build through many years, in quality trust for Victorinox gears,

But one revolutionary twist of the life was made by creating a Swiss army knife,

And here we are, hundreds of years after, still feeling a touch of a great cutler master,

Engineer, student, or real housewife, the best tool for you is a Swiss pocket knife.

swiss flag on a ribbon

Multifunctional gear, that fits everywhere, also providing tools for immediate care,

Our life unpredictable, it's full of surprises, be ready to deal with different sort of crisis,

For cutting a thread, use little scissors or sometimes you wish to have a couple of tweezers,

Maybe you need to open a bottle, or suddenly screw needs to be tight,

Click the link, if you love confident travel, and get yourself Victorinox number one pride.

Have a Great Adventure!


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