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Roller Carry On by DAKINE

dakine carry on roller bag
Hawaiian surfboards

Good day and welcome to read a review, of excellent product doubt, it's true.

Hawaii is the place where the brand was born, big thank you to Rob Caplan who was behind it all. Big waves and the wind was inspiring him, to make the best product for every pilgrim.

Come up with the name was the easiest task, Hawaiian culture no need cover with a mask, it's very unique, one of a kind, - Let's name it da-kine what stands for “the kind”.

Through the years Dakine was achieving a lot, it builds a reputation in style and quality part, From surfers to bikers, from ocean to hill, accessories dakine were spread with a thrill.

Hawaiian woman dancing and smiling

And here we are, Aloha my friends, please meet our Dakine top of the trends, The Roller Bag is a great Carry on for people who love the comfort along. Whatever you like to take on a trip, the Dakine will hold it, make sure to grip. 42, the number of liters, what carry on wheeler gonna handle with no bitters. By air, by bus, or even by boat, it will be your best friend around the globe. The dimension of the bag is 22x15x9 inches, and this is a perfect travel size, no need to be ninjas.

hibiscus, Hawaiian flower

Let's see if the technical part of this Roller will lose some points on a scale of “luggage controller”. It has durable, smooth and replaceable wheels, no points go down by any means...The handle is strong, working nice every time, through many foldings and pullings, operating still fine. Last chance to bring dakine down, material quality, maybe that gonna knock the crown? But secrets of fabric lay back in the past, its strongest material what hard to ruin fast. Dakine Bag is great on so many levels, it something worth to invest and own for plenty of years,

Follow the link if you want to be an explorer of the Hawaiian spirit in Dakine Bag Roller.

Have a Great Adventure!


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