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Quick Guide on a Train Ride

retro steam train as a symbol of train ride

"I like trains. I like their rhythm, and I like the freedom of being suspended between two places, all anxieties of purpose taken care of: for this moment I know where I am going."

- Anna Funder -

1. Home

Like any other trip, train adventure starts at home. You have already come up with a great idea to have a train ride, while sipping coke on the sofa, now time for the next step of preparation, choosing an exciting destination and get a nice ticket for it. Doesn't matter where you are at the moment, there are plenty of places where the train can bring you, just decide if you would like to visit an old friend, relative you didn't see for years or maybe you would like to be spontaneous and let destiny to pick a place, just by closing eyes and land finger somewhere on a map, one way or another it will be a lot of fun. Awesome, now it's time to get a ticket, and thanks to the great power of the internet it all can be done in minutes from the same place where the train idea hit you, magical sofa. Even though it's a more technical process, keep in mind a few pinpoints, its always better to have a day ride for an incredible scenic view, try not to choose your cabin or seat, close to doors, and stay away from the most visited place in a cart, public toilet. Last, but not least, take everything you like and pack a suitcase, for more detailed information on that subject, please follow the link to read step by step article on packing. However, worth mentioning a couple of additional items you can have in the backpack, first and most functional, it's a Swiss knife, believe me, or not, but that little buddy can be a lifesaver on such a trip, the second item is predictable, but a lot of travelers neglecting it, please do not join their club and get yourself Thermo bottle. Seems like we are all set, but not quite, make sure to have snacks in the backpack...just do it, drop some in a bag, and thank me later.

2. Station

Finally, it's a travel day on a calendar, take a cab, and be on your way to the new, exciting experience. When choosing the time for a transfer always remember to count unfortunate event such as traffic jam, which can delay your arrival, so considering that thought, good practice its to give yourself an extra credit, you must admit, way better to arrive at the station a little bit early than hop on a moving train. The first thing you should do upon arrival at the train station it's to find the departure board and check all relative information against the ticket. After everything was sorted out, use that window to go around the station, get familiar with different ways to your platform, find a place to eat, and have a bite, also note, if you didn't charge all devices at home then its a good opportunity to do that. Remember, time is going fast when you having fun, please keep an eye on a clock, so you can get to the platform earlier without unnecessary rush and when you are finally there, make sure to stand well away from the platform edge.

3. Train

All Abooooard! Let the adventure begin, please step into the train, allow a new experience to swallow you completely. After locating a seat or cabin, it's the right moment to get comfortable. Start with clothes and shoes, if you didn't arrive already all set and cozy then take a minute to change things up, you'll see how your body gonna start to breathe freely in forever appreciation. Pull out the neck pillow, one of the travel accessories, that will support the neck and every part of your body, do not delay pleasure, just go for it. If you are new to the train ride, you should know one special feature of it, its has relaxing, hypnotic, almost magical sound, the sound of wheels sliding on rails, which cannot be compared to anything in the world and if you happened to be slightly tired, that sound will put you to sleep in no time. Please take advantage of the special train feature, but before knocking yourself out, make sure to secure a couple of things, first, keep the documents and wallet close to the body, second, secure every bag with luggage locks before putting it away and the last thing before closing eyes is to set alarm for approximately 20 minutes prior arrival. But if adrenaline pumping through the veins, if blood boiling in anticipation of a great adventure, have a walk through the cart, watch beautiful scenery in the window, read a book or try to find a restaurant wagon to have a proper meal. Enjoy the ride.

4. Final Destination

After hours of an incredible journey, you arrived at your final destination, every cell in a body want to jump off the train to start exploring, but hold your horses just for a second, look back at the seat, make sure that all your belongings still gonna belong to you after getting off the train. Congratulations, you have successfully gone from point A to point B on the most exquisite transport in the world. Now its time to let yourself go, see places, eat local food, make hundreds of selfies, and if you would like to make it even more enjoyable, consider getting rid of the bag by submitting it to Radical storage, a revolutionary service that available in more than 350 cities around the world, so while you enjoying hands-free travel, your companion will have a rest in a most secure luggage “hotel”.


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Have a Great Adventure!


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