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Language Platform by ITALKI

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We are often asking ourselves, how is the future gonna look like, what technology we will have, how it will affect our lives? That questions sitting in our heads for years, making us curious and very excited, but nothing else we can do except patiently waiting for tomorrow. Looking back to the past, when stationary computers had memory storage of 500 MB, when we had an incredible floppy disk to store information and move it around when we are all as one were thinking, what possibly can be invented more to top that? Then floppy dick was replaced by CD, CD replaced by USB, technical progress started to move so fast that in a blink of an eye we were able to carry entire local library just in the pocket. Robots are cleaning the houses, cars are driving themselves, computers telling you where to go, space tourism taking over...Welcome to the Future!

We are living in an amazing time when everything is possible, we are connecting to people all around the planet, exchanging experiences, emotions, falling in love, and closing business deals online. To learn a foreign language is necessary in the modern world, communication becomes important like it never was before, either you travel, getting information, buying, selling or watching a movie, to know how to speak another tongue will go a long way for you. Technology has changed the way people learn things, the educational system was twisted, people have access to every knowledge possible, without a living a house. Studying a foreign language is a process that needs to have an individual approach, personal touch, and what is a more important discipline with a pinch or freedom. Since we are absorbing information differently, a great platform italki providing us with high-class language teachers from all around the world. Every teacher has its unique style what allows you to pick the best fit, on top of that you will have absolute control of planning classes for maximum convenience what is crucial in our busy life.

If we look at the learning language under magnifier glass, we will see that studying is not always about memorizing words, correct spelling, or sentence structure, it's more about understanding people's connection between language and culture. Learning thousands of words by heart will give you an expanded vocabulary, but will not give you an experience you wish to have while visiting the country, more to say, it not even gonna give you a cup of coffee. Practice in speaking, confidence in communication, cultural diversity that's what online language learning platform italki is all about. Co-founder of italki, Kevin Chen, once found himself in a situation of a big struggle while learning Chinese, until Kevin traveled to China, where he discovered that using language in real conversation on day to day basis makes a huge difference, that's the time when the platform was born. At the moment italki connects 5 million people willing to learn with over 10,000 high-quality teachers, in more than 130 languages, through one-on-one lessons.

To start learning is easy, just go through few short steps of the sign-up process, choose the language you are interested in and Italki will introduce you to the list of available teachers.

There will be two types of teachers: 1) professional, who is certified in foreign language instruction and 2) community tutors, who are native with more informal teaching methods.

On the page, you will see their introduction video, hourly rate, country of origin, availability and if you would like to get more details on a particular teacher, just click a profile to have a closer look. Once choosing a suitable person, press “ Book Now” for an appointment time and lesson type.

You are more than welcome to sign-up and experience yourself italki teaching magic with 3 trial lessons, 30 minutes long each. These lessons are offered at discounted rates, so you can explore different study methods without any commitment.

To communicate with teachers italki offering its classroom or Skype, and if you prefer not to be limited by desktop at home, download the italki application to contact the teacher from anywhere while you on the go. Even though the majority of italki users its the ones who willing to learn, the platform working both ways, and if you are a language teacher, please join the community to help people around the world to understand each other in exchange of hourly rate fee and of course, sense of fulfillment.

Never stop exploring, travel around the globe, discover our beautiful planet, absorb experiences, get to know different cultures firsthand, and let italki help you gain skills in communicating with anybody.

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