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How to Survive in the Woods Alone

Just think how awesome to be outdoor, have a nice walk in the woods and reunite with nature, how great when the smell of the grass floating in the air when breathing with a full chest making every cell in a body pump energy of mother Earth when incredible power clears the mind and taking sorrows away. Seems like nothing can be in the way of endless happiness, but sometimes life throws at us challenges when we least expecting. A beautiful sunny day can turn into a nightmare in seconds, please get familiar with step by step guide on how to survive in the woods alone.

1. Stay Calm

The first and the most important rule of all is to stay calm and leave panic out of it. Chances of survival increasing dramatically when a positive attitude taking place. By staying calm, you'll concentrate all the focus on a difficult situation that needs to be resolved. When emotions got under control come up with a plan of action, start with checking resources you have, and depends on the situation, prioritize the order of main tasks you need to accomplished, such as water, fire, shelter.

2. Stay Warm

Staying warm it's a crucial part of any survival, by dropping body temperature we are allowing some energy to leave us without saying “goodbye”, freeze our thoughts, and narrow focus to the only task, how to get warm. Do not let it happen, find every possible piece of clothes in your bag, put it on according to weather condition, and keep moving towards step 3.

3. Find Water

Fun fact, the human can last without food for around 3 weeks, while lack of water gonna kill you in 3 days, that being said, finding water should be the priority once you realize that spirits of the forest playing hide and seek with you. For starters look around, it might be a river, lake, or spring somewhere close by, but remember if you do not have LifeStraw in the bag, try to drink water from running spring, where less likely to catch bacteria. If there is nothing in your eyesight, stop walking, stay still, listen, it might be a waterfall or creek not so far away, also keep in mind that water naturally flows downhill, that's where most likely you can find a stream of refreshing drink. When situation going out of the hand and thirst questioning survival, water can be found underground, morning due or it can fall from the sky.

4.Make Fire

After you did a good job on finding water, the next task should be a starting fire, which is not only gonna warm you up or keeping safe from wandering wild animals, but also can play the role of a help signal. Choose a place for your sleepover, dig a pit, place stones around to prevent fire to spread, collect dry branches into the pit and by using matches/lighter start a fire, or if you are a well-prepared hiker, use a magnesium fire starter to create a flame. However, if you don't have any tools to start a fire, be creative, use eye-glasses to catch the sun, and focus its beam on a pile of tinder or rub steel objects to create a spark.

5. Make Shelter

The shelter can be anything that will keep you protected from strong sun, rain, or wind in the woods. In some areas, Mother Nature will provide a safe place next to a big boulder or inside the huge tree trunk, however, when nothing like that was served, we need to help ourselves by building shelter up. Construct framework, use a tree to support, cover sides with branches, leaves, pine needles, moss, the thicker it will be, the better protection you'll have, same goes for the ground, thicker is better.

6. Find Food

Even though we have a supply of water enough to keep us alive, having protein in the system will provide energy that will increase the chances of survival in the woods. A golden rule to remember, eat only something that you know and 100% sure that it's not poisoned, avoid mushrooms, stay away from berries because those can dismiss your existence immediately. Quick menu for whom that wonder includes crickets, fish, small animal, eggs, clover, larvae. Have a good meal.

7. Make a Spear

Being lost in the woods is a challenge when we need to face the wild and be ready to fight for our life. A simple thing as a spear will give the confidence you need to keep going, spear gonna be your weapon, it will be your support on climbing the hill, and wading through the bushes. Don't think twice, just grab a long stick, sharpen both ends, one side make it single, another split in half to keep a fork shape, and just like this, you got yourself weapon to fight and tool to hunt.

8. Make Through the Night

If daytime is there for you to be more productive, then the night is a time when you should recover and gaining back energy for another day. Even if it sounds like, just take a rest, night is the most terrifying part of survival that needs to be well planned. We already started to prepare ourselves for an overnight stay by making a shelter, fire, and a good spear. In addition to that make sure to have enough wood in the pit and extra ones on the side, which will eliminate any chance of losing fire and exposing yourself to a cold or any wild animals around. Protect yourself from insect bites by covering as much skin as you can, and if until now your pants are still not tucked into socks, that's the perfect moment to do that. Be emotionally ready for the night, sounds of the wind, moving tree trunks, or harmless bird tweets will pull every horror movie you ever watch out of your head, just remember, it's only the imagination, stay alert, but at the same time try to relax, divert attention to a cracking sound of fire and have a good night.

9. Find the Way Out

The night went well, you are still alive and ready to find your way out, just finish the coffee and be right back on great could be to have a hot breakfast after a night spending on the ground, oh well, stay motivated, sometimes thoughts like a cup of coffee will bring you home. But for now, another day, another attempt to get off the woods, make a plan and according to the area you trapped in, choose the direction of moving, preferably up to the hill, in that case, you'll have the opportunity to look from the above and spot some landmarks, cabins, river, road and so on. Take as a habit to mark your trail by curving initials on trees, which is also can be a hint to a rescue team, bending branches or piled up stones, so in case of an unsuccessful attempt, it will be easier to follow marks back to the campsite and start over the next day.

P.S. When planning an outdoor activity, keep in mind that sometimes things can go wrong and items in your backpack will determine either you'll live happily ever after or no one you love, ever will. Do not be selfish, take care of yourself, and bring the right accessories on a hike.


- Swiss Army Knife - Life Straw - Fire Starter - Flashlight - Rain Poncho - Water Bottle -

- Compass - First Aid Kit - Survival Kit -

Have a Great Adventure!


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