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How to Kill Time with Gadget Free Games

Tic Tac Toe game on a board written by chalk

While traveling, we are quite often finding ourselves waiting for the flight, train to come, bus to arrive, and so on. In a century of technical progress, killing time is never an issue when each of us carrying a personal entertaining center in the backpack. However, there are times when you'd like to save battery for GPS navigation or mapping in your travels, get closer to the kids, break some ice with the partner or simply have a lot of Fun. For that case, we gathered together Lucky 13, gadgets-free, games that you can play anytime, anywhere.

Spy with the hat and magnifying glass

1. SPY

Well tested game “Spy” kept many people entertained for generations. It requires no equipment and can be played almost anywhere, with as many people as you want.

It goes like this, the person who is chosen as the Spy would look around and pick something that everyone playing the game can see. The spy would announce it by saying “I Spy with my little eye something beginning with ” and announce the letter that the item begins with or announce the color of the object. Each person in the group should take turns guessing. The person who is guessing can ask any question which can be answered by ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Once someone guesses what the object is, they become the next Spy and the game starts over again.

tic tac toe with x and o


Probably the first and easiest pen and paper game learned by a child is Tic-Tac-Toe. As players take turns, grids of two vertical and two horizontal lines filling with either an X or O. The goal is to make three marks in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, before your opponent does.

Simon says

3. SIMON SAYS One person is designated Simon, the others are players. Standing in front of the group, Simon tells players what they must do. However, the players must only obey commands that begin with the words “Simon Says.” When the lead Player saying, “Simon says touch your nose,” then players must touch their nose. But, if Simon simply says, “jump”, without first saying “Simon says,” players shouldn't react, and those who did are out of the game.

Rock Paper Scissors


One of the beautiful things about rock, paper, scissors is the simplicity of the game. You can’t cheat, you can’t fake a win, and you can’t argue with the results!

Players standing in front of each other and start to chat “ Rock, Paper, Scissors” then throw one of the 3 shapes.

Rock: Keep your hand in a fist when throwing the shape. Rock - beats scissors, but covered by a Paper and loses.

Paper: Open the palm of your hand completely and throw it flat when making a move. Paper- beats the Rock but loses from the cut of Scissors.

Scissors: Keep pointer and middle finger extended in a scissor shape when you throw. Scissors – beats Paper, but getting smashed by a Rock and loses.

If both players choose the same shape, it's a Tie and rematch happening immediately.

To spice up a little, turn it into a tag game, the 'loser' must chase the 'winner' to tag, then you start all over.

Battleship firing the guns


Each player draws two 10 x 10 grids, labeled along the sides with letters and numbers. On the left-hand grid the player secretly draws rectangles representing their fleet of ships:

1 x Aircraft carrier - 5 squares

1 x Battleship - 4 squares

1 x Cruiser - 3 squares

2 x Destroyers - 2 squares each

2 x Submarines - 1 square each

Each ship occupies some adjacent squares on the grid, horizontally or vertically.

Players taking turns to take a shot at the opponent, by calling out the coordinates of a square (ex. D 5). The opponent responds with "hit" if it hits a ship or "miss" if it misses. If the player has hit the last remaining square of a ship the opponent must announce the name of the ship, ex. "You sank my battleship".

During play, each player should record their opponent's shots on the left-hand grid, and their shots on the right-hand grid as "X" for a hit and "O" for a miss.

The first player to lose all the ships loses the game.

Notepad with a pen or pencil


To perform this game, you just need a piece of paper and a pen.

Look around and try to list objects you find in alphabetical order, great time killer plus you'll be aware of the surroundings better than any Secret Agent.

Paper ball


This is simple and fun. Wad a piece of paper into a tight ball and aim for your trashcan or another nearby target. Toss the paper, if it goes in, Great! Pull it out and try again. If it doesn’t go in....guess what...grab the paper and try again. Would like to put some sense and challenging note to it, make a point system, keep the score.

question mark in a circle


A great guessing game to have fun and kill a bit of time. The rules of the game are really simple, set a timer for 2 minutes and have one player hold up a card to the forehead without looking at it. By asking Yes or No questions, a player has to guess what says on his card. The game can be played with 2 people, however More the Merrier.

Flying Paper Airplane


There are several ways to fold a paper airplane. You can start with one then experiment with alternatives.

Fold a piece of paper in half the long way then open it back up. Fold-down both top corners of the paper into the center fold line. Fold the paperback in half and turn to the side with the folded edge down. Fold-down one flap of the paper from the top to form a wing. Flip the paper over and do the same with the other flap of paper. Open the wings and gently throw the paper with the point forward to see how far and how accurately your airplane flies.

Thumbs up


It’s a fight between two thumbs, one of the thumbs has to pin the other one by using legit techniques. As the name suggests, this is a fight between thumbs, and no other finger can be used. Before the match officially begins, both players chant the rhyme, “One, two, three, four… I declare a thumb-o-war!”.

Kids are playing charades


Charades, the classic game of acting, drama, and guessing.

Choose a player to start the game. The player thinks of a book title, a famous person's name, a saying, a movie, or a song title to pantomime. He should choose something that the others will be familiar with. The first person to guess earns a point. The one with the most points at the end of the game wins.

chest full of Treasure


Pick an object, like rainbows, numbers, star got the idea. Give yourself time, let's say 20 minutes, and go for a hunt. By using a cellphone camera collect a picture of the objects you found ( yap, we will cheat here a bit and use the camera for more convenience, but you always can grab physical items). A person who collects the most win the scavenger hunt, Congratulations!

Colourful world map


The rules of the game are simple, to play you gonna need at least one more person beside you. Player 1 call the Country and the next Player has to call the country what starts with the last letter of the country that was just called. ( Ex. France-England-Denmark ) the player who cannot come up with any more country names loses the game. Don't like countries, no problem, go for the city names, don't like that neither, try some fruits, in other words, you free to choose the subject of the game.

Have a Great Adventure!


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