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How to Become an Urban Commuter

When people are using the word “Travel”, by default in mind popping up planes, luggage, beaches, and other cool images, however traveling not limited by airports or train stations, traveling it's a way of moving from point A to point B. In this article, we will talk about city commute as a form of Travel. The most popular ones are listed below for you to compare and find the way to become an urban commuter.

bus as public transportation

1. BUS

City commute has several options, and bus always the number one on the public transportation list. The bus is a great choice for people who love to have freedom, personal mobility, for people who prefer to make their plans on the go and not to be held by anything. Check the bus schedule, come to a bus stop in time, and enjoy the ride. It's a perfect moment to read a book or catch up with the latest news, listen to your jam, or think about how awesome your life is. The bus is a good place to have a conversation, make some friends, and believe me or not, sometimes it's a place where the love story begins.

taxi squares


From city to city Taxi service are variant, in some places you can raise the hand and car magically appears in front of you, in some places you need to wait for a while, but one way or another taxi service is there, waiting. If you don't want to battle for a parking spot, if you want to have a couple of beers later, if you'd like to take some fresh air on the way back or maybe cannot stand public commute, then call a cab and move on with your life, it's that simple.

subway lines


Subway is another type of long-distance commute without using a car. Let's put on the side all the sardines style squeezing or weird crowd mess and focus on a positive outcome. Hard not to admit that a subway is a fast option, there no traffic on the way, you always can calculate time from point A to point B to the minute. If you were lucky enough to have a seat, use that comfort of time travel for reading a book, listen to the music, making plans, put your thoughts together, or catch up with some sleep, just make sure to hold the bag wrapped and tight. If happen to be standing all the way, oh well, you still can enjoy the music and do some thinking, just make sure to protect hands from dirty poles by wearing Disposable gloves or using Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes.



Looks like biking never gets old, it always a great alternative to any motor vehicles around.

Bikes are clearing your thoughts, freeing your mind, giving control of movements and time. Using a bike at work it's not only a perfect way to avoid hours of boring traffic it also contributes to saving the environment. Start a day on a high note, do something good for our planet, do something good for your Health, drive a bike, and you'll see how it will help.

If you wish to save time on researching and searching for the perfect bike, we did all the leg work for you, please meet Zizzo Campo folding bicycle, it will provide a speed and helmet by Giro will be your head “lid”.

scooter as a city transportation


Just a couple of years ago, you would not imagine a grown-up person riding a scooter, but in present days it's a new normal. After COVID 19 hit the Planet Earth, having a ride with a bunch of strangers, it's not an opportunity to make new friends anymore, it's a hazardous condition that needs to be avoided. If the weather is pleasant, if you love to move a bit, then grab a scooter to reach the office in a heartbeat. Not to mention fresh air on a sunny day and loved by the millions traffic-free way. You can choose between 2 types of scooters, electric and kick type scooters. We researched Amazon offers upside down all around and found the best deals in both categories. If you prefer an electric scooter, have a look at Gotrax GXL V2, for kick type, follow the link of Outcamer scooter.

image of a car representing carpooling


If you wish to use a car for its convenience, but not really into driving, then carpooling is a great option, all you need to do, it just arranges car sharing with coworkers, chip in for gas money and you'll be on the way to the office in a comfort of a car with people you know and not total strangers. But if you rather drive alone, consider renting a short-term vehicle. Many cities have car-sharing services, such as Zipcar, which is one of the most common across the United States.

sign of a green man


Even when walking holding the last position of our list, this is the first and best option for people living close to their office or chosen final destination. At the glance, it seems to be a slow pace, but if to take into consideration crawling traffic, walking turned into a light-speed commute. Being on foot has many benefits, you can smile at people who are lining up at a bus stop, and keep walking, you can wave to cars that stacked in a traffic jam, and keep walking, you can be careless of a busy parking lot, and keep walking, but at the end of the journey, you'll be full of energy, in a great mood and since relaxing walking pace burning approximately 85 kcal per mile, you'll be done with a daily exercise. Congratulations! You just save a lot of money on a gym membership, keep it moving and reinvest into great walking shoes.


In the article were used affiliate links for your easy transition to an urban commuter : - Gotrax scooter - Outcamer scooter - Gloves - Hand Wipes - Zizzo bike - Giro helmet -

Have a Great Adventure!


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