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20 Steps to a Better Airport Experience

Airport departure board with number of flights, gates and destinations

“Airports, what a magical place where the wind of change blowing towards future, wings are spreading wide, a place where the adventure in the air clearing the mind and past getting left behind.”

- Denys Pushkarov -

Traveling the globe is a fun and exciting activity, but we are all different, some people like oranges, some prefer bananas, somebody likes airports while others losing themselves in it.

Please follow 20 easy steps to fall in love with airports once and for all.

Step 1 Check-in Online 24 hours in advance

Most airlines have the check-in online option 24 hours before the flight what allows you to skip boring standing in the queue for the check-in counter and have a good shot at getting a better seat on a plane.

Step 2 Download and Print boarding passes

There are few things you need to do after successful check-in, download boarding passes in case of no available WiFi in the airport and print the boarding passes in case of a sudden low battery of your gadget.

Step 3 Coupons

Most of the airport gift shops and restaurants offering discount coupons to attract customers, check websites of airports you'll visit on the way, and take full advantage of it.

Step 4 Full charge

Any trip requires some preparation and to get your electronics travel-ready it's as important as packing a suitcase. Fully charge gadgets will entertain you, will give directions, keep boarding passes in a safe place, and make you feel more confident.

Step 5 Arrive early

Depends on the airline, day, or time of your flight, lines can be as long as China's Great Wall. Keep in mind that you need to check-in luggage, go through security, find your gate, COVID19 precaution measurements, and so on, give yourself extra time to enjoy the airport experience without the unnecessary rush.

Step 6 Parking photo

If You choose to come to the airport by car, please make sure to take a photo of the exact parking space you've got and a picture of the precise location with the level and section number on it, so when it's done, you can let go and enjoy the vacation without any worries of endless searching of the car on arrival.

Step 7 Bring Empty bottle

To stay hydrated is a crucial part of our well-being, while on the go it's very important to have water with you all the time, however, airport policy not allowing to bring more than 100ml of liquid on board. As an easy solution, pack a portable water bottle in your carry-on and fill it up at the airport fountain right after the security checkpoint. The collapsible water bottle was a lifesaver and a pleasure to use in so many travels.

Step 8 Cold snacks

Did you ever notice how appetite builds up when travel, sometimes it feels like you can eat a plane? Prepare a few cold snacks to keep in the carry-on bag, for immediate satisfaction, while waiting for the flight. Have a pack of nuts, trail mixes, chocolate bars, in other words, anything that can put a smile on the face and happiness in the belly.

Step 9 Chargers

Long layovers its not only the opportunity to explore the airport and have an absolute blast of some installation, but also a chance to have the time of your own to watch tv shows or movies you always wanted to see and never had time for it. Minutes and hours passing fast, so the batteries and having chargers in the carry-on is where the matter is.

Step 10 Power bank

Having a power bank can be a real lifesaver when all of a sudden every person in the airport decided to charge their gadgets or just simply no outlet around. Have a look at a trusted power bank by PowerAdd with a great power capacity and travel size that will not take too much space in the bag.

Step 11 Extras in Carry-on

Experience of many travels, showing that packing an extra T-shirt, socks, underwear can be priceless. If you have a long flight with numbers of layovers its nice to have change clothes in case of any spill accident or simply just freshen up on the way and let's face it, doesn't matter how hard we practice positive thinking, luggage can be lost sometimes what turning any extra item in your bag into a treasure.

Step 12 Follow 3-1-1 TSA Liquid rule

By Travel Security Administration ( TSA ) there are some restrictions on how much liquids passengers can have in their carry-on, and the easiest way to remember is the 3-1-1 rule, 3 Ounces, 1 Quart, 1 Bag. 3 Ounces or 3,4 ounces ( 100 ml ) to be exact, means travelers can use mini containers with a capacity of 3,4 ounces or less, as many as they like, but what can fit in 1 Quart size clear, sealable, plastic bag and only 1 Bag per passenger allowed.

Note: Containers that are larger than 3,4 ounces ( 100ml ) regardless of the amount inside must be in checked luggage.

Step 13 Extra Ziploc

It's a good practice to have an extra Ziploc in the carry-on, you never know when it might come in handy while traveling. Besides proper liquid storage, Ziploc can be used to stow snacks, hold souvenirs, jewelry, or collect rubbish for temporary keep.

Step 14 Glasses instead of Contact lenses

You might notice that during the flight, eyes getting dry what causes redness, itchiness, and overall discomfort. Do yourself a favor, switch contacts to glasses and bring eye drops for moisturizing.

Step 15 Security check ready

And here we are, on one of the important steps to your great airport experience, security checkpoint. Keep in mind our friendly advice and you gonna love airports even more. Remember those passengers who hold up the line and seem like attracting the attention of every person in the airport by digging something in the bag, million times coming back for screening, you can even hear people placing bets on what else he might screw up. But here is the thing, everything genius is simple, before jumping into the line, make sure your laptop is an easy reach, empty your pockets, take off your watch, cellphone and place it in a carry-on, here is the situation when extra Ziploc getting useful. Few people before the checkpoint, start to take off belt, jacket, pull out the laptop, Ziploc with liquids and place it in the basket, here is the grand finale, take off shoes, place it in the basket, go through screening, Congratulations! Easiest checkpoint ever!

Step 16 Announcements awareness

Airports its a place between two destinations, a place where the journey begins, but before losing yourself to a great adventure, pay attention to gate announcements or possible flight changes to avoid unnecessary rush. Having good times by listening to music or watching a movie? nice, just make sure to keep the volume down.

Step 17 Late vs. Early flight

There are two major differences between early and late flights. If you'd like to skip an airport race with heavy traffic, book a late flight, when the airport load is down to a minimum, you can sleep while in the air, all the way through to your destination. If you don't like turbulence then the early flight is a good choice, since turbulence due to bad weather mostly happens in the afternoon or night.

Step 18 Let Boarding Flow

When you sitting at your gate, waiting for boarding, have a bit more patience in you not to jump off the seat at the time of the “start boarding” announcement, let it flow, wait until your zone or section is called to avoid crowding around the gate.

Step 19 Immigration Line

A little trick to go quicker through immigration, it's all about picking the right line, believe me, or not, but a line with fewer kids in it go way faster and smoother, just saying. From that point it's all on you, make sure to fill up the travel declaration card correctly and prepare your paperwork for the immigration officer in advance.

Step 20 Eye-catching Luggage

We are at the final destination but the trip is not quite over yet, one last thing needs to be done. Proceed to the baggage claim and get your precious luggage from the carousel. Is not crazy how almost every suitcase on a belt just looks the same? Be different, be unique, make your suitcase stand out. As a great solution, you can use luggage straps or luggage covers.

Have a Great Adventure!


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