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15 Things To Do on Airplane

old model of airplane flying through the sky

With air travel there is no distance, there is only time.

- Judith M.Bandwick -

drawing of a book

1. Read

In the age of technology, we are completely neglecting such a great activity as reading books. Books are bringing us to places, books are playing with our imagination, sometimes it helping lose ourselves in its pages and find the way out by waking wisdom. The modern world is spinning with incredible force, things are changing fast, we are rushing day and night, adrenalin pumping, the brain constantly working that makes it impossible to relax with a simple reading. But when you plow through the clouds inside an iron bird, when 7,000 miles between you and mother Earth, that's the perfect time to entertain yourself with reading. To read an actual book can be so romantic, however, a century of progress gives us a possibility to carry the entire library just in the pocket. Read straight from the cellphone, or if you'd like the closest feeling to a book possible, then Kindle or Kobo will be your best friends on a plane.

musical key note

2. Listen to Music

When you done with reading or just looking for a different activity, here is the one that helps you to relax. Sometimes we all need a moment to be able to close our eyes, sit back and flow with the sound of our favorite music. Grab a unique opportunity of a plane ride when you cannot be disturbed by a phone call or reached by e-mail, it's a time to let go and melt into the tunes.

video camera

3. Watch Movie

People are different, and the choice of entertainment is also various, but movies, its a preference of the majority of passengers. Luckily, almost every airline provides a screen on the back of the seat or tablet, to watch anything from documentaries to the latest movies. Headphones also will be distributed by a cabin crew, however, if you really would like to have a great experience, better to use your own. In case you are planning to get one, consider Tozo earbuds from Amazon, with outstanding sound.

chicken on a tray

4. Eat

Did you ever notice how appetite builds up as soon you head the road when adventure filling us with world-changing thoughts and emptying stomach without reports, little hustle in the airport and feels like you can eat entire plane? Chicken or Beef, how many people waiting for this question to be asked? What a pleasure to see food trolly at the beginning of the raw, start to prepare a table, straighten the seat, and with a spark in the eyes waiting for a turn to be served. Eat your time away and be Happy.

writers hand

5. Write

Have you ever thought about writing a journal, to spill some ideas with mind conclusions on paper or whatever gadget you are using, if the answer is yes, no better time to do this than seating on the cloud while chewing airplane snacks between the lines. Practice creativity, describe thoughts and feelings, make up short stories, simply entertain yourself with free writing and who knows, maybe after landing, a new passion will enter your life.

board clip with a paperwork

6. Work

Long hours flight is a challenge, but it's also an opportunity to get the job done. If you happen to be on a business trip there is always a contract to read or paperwork to fix what usually very time consuming, so do not put for tomorrow what you can do today, dive in and kill two birds with one stone.

joystick as a game tool

7. Play Games

Game by definition it's a fun activity, if you would like to make time going faster, just grab a cellphone and you'll be on the way to candy crush land or practice ninja moves on cutting fruits, however, sometimes way better is just to take rest from all those screens around and play good, old gadget-free games.

color palet and paint brush

8. Color

Coloring books are a great pastime for anybody, there are no age restrictions, there are no limitations, just grab a plain picture, fill it with colors, and you will see how time gonna fly faster than Boing you riding on. Amazon has great color books to offer, please click the link to choose the one you like.

thread and knitting needles

9. Knit

Knitting is a little bit unusual activity in the plane but definitely underestimated. Only imagine how great will be to start your flight with the ball of thread and get off the plane with a brand new hat or if you are a speed knitter, with an awesome sweatshirt, how cool will be during a flight make handmade presents to a people you about to visit. Don't know how to knit? Oh well, isn't it a perfect place to learn it?

foot print

10. Walk

Seating in one place for hours, not only a boring way to spend time but also not giving any credits to your health. After having a good meal and trying all kinds of entertainment described above, get up from the seat for a while, have a walk to the bathroom section, where usually the most space you can find in aircraft and have a good stretch of your muscles, keep moving, let blood to flow in a normal way again.


11. Sudoku

Before any travel, make sure to fill gadgets with easy entertainment, such as sudoku,logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzles. Besides great time-passing tool, Sudoku teaching us to critical thinking and concentration that will go the long run in life.

an origami swan

12. Origami

If you are a craft person, if you love to use hands to create, then tissue origami, will make you busy for hours. Have prepared a tutorial on your phone, simply ask a flight attendant for a bunch of tissue and origami the fold out of it. However, if you would like to be a pro in the origami world, then you should consider getting yourself an Origami set.

speech cloud

13. Make Friends

Airplane collects so many people between its wings, every passenger has its own story, and if you would like to spend time listening to strangers and figure out what makes them special in this world, then socializing is your type of entertainment.

graduation hat and diploma symbolising study

14. Study

Nothing is more time-consuming than study, you need to put your brain into it and dig deeper. Gladly, a long flight allows concentrating and focusing on a task you need to accomplish. Study anything you wish to be better at, language, architecture, social media, photography, this list can go on and on, just pick your interest and study well.


15. Organize Cellphone

Cellphones, what a human creation, in present days we are not imagining our life without them. A cellphone is carrying so much information about us, so many memories, so many tools we are using on daily basis, it's our assistant in life, that's just a fact, however, over the years it gets messy, it starts to carry load we both no need and only a rare opportunity of a long flight give us a chance to clean it all up.

P.S. Travel by air is an exciting adventure, have fun and enjoy every minute of it. Please find yourself entertainment among a few suggestions above, however, if there is nothing that you wish to do on a plane, here is an extra tip of a special way to shrink a long flight - Sleep.

sleeping moon and the stars

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Have a Great Adventure!


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